Day 2058 I 40 West of Asheville

Is this very nice red barn set in a field. I think I have painted in three times. Sometimes it’s fall sometimes it’s spring or summer.

Maybe I need to try it again on my HP arches. What do you think?!!

This is on 140# cp Kilimanjaro from Cheap Joes aka their watercolor paper. Runs about $100 for 25 Sheets. I think I still have a few sheets of it left. NICE paper.

LUCKY I DONT live in Asheville. There’s a Cheap Joes 10 minutes from moms house. Sooo dangerous. Love all the Cheap Joes stores and the Asheville one is killer.

Margaret trying to finish her David Baldacci book. Xoxoxox and cook dinner. I never cook dinner aka salad is moi.

Day 2057 Along the Savannah

Another not quite so old watercolor I did of the view out my back door – Along the Savannah. I painted this about 6 years ago.

12×18″ on Montvale Canson cp. NOT great paper. I got rid of it.

Margaret back to visiting with mom. Xoxoxox