Day 2071 Rue de Gros Horlage

Which means Street of the Large Clock in Rouen. If you turn around the opposite direction you would see the Rouen cathedral – well at least part of it.

This is a half sheet of rough Fabriano. Got to get something done to enter the Georgia Watercolor Show.

Can you find the vanishing point. Notice all peoples heads line up on the horizon line. And I tried to get all the diagonals to converge at the vanishing point. Oddly some of them don’t in this medieval town but normally they should.

Blue Heaven in Key West

But I may paint this. It’s a full sheet of cp Fabriano

I give up I can’t find the photo or copy to word press that I drew the second one from. But thinking I should have drawn the one above. Or that great iguana.

Margaret over and out Xoxoxoxo