Day 2054

Stones at Parafugel Spain on the Mediterranean. Did I go?! NOPE from a photo of Vlads. I didn’t even like the photo just couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to paint that I had a photo of. Sketch on 140 lb cp rough Fabriano.

Sky wash. Cerulean w a dab of MIXED neutral tint. NOT about a tube of neutral tint but a mix of burnt sienna indigo and dioxzine purple.

I blotted the clouds w Kleenex and dabbed in some of the neutral tint for shadows.

Warm wash over all the rocks.

Moving along with step 2- 50 color/50 water. Really hate it. Especially rocks in middle foreground.

And here’s how I left it. Green tree in background IS distracting guess I will fogk it up. Rofl. Manana.

Margaret ready for bed. Xoxoxox Up early in search of THE photo.

Day 2053 it’s a bird

No it’s a thrasher. The Georgia state bird. Evidently kills smaller birds. Bad bird. Have a big one 11″ or very leggy at the back porch feeders. Never bothers anyone. Maybe mine is a lady thrasher. Lol

Remember my grandson said I could sell these for $3 rofl.

Watercolor pencil Kilimanjaro cp.

Margaret whose putting her feet up. Xoxoxox