Day 2066 Some days

I just feel like drawing. My Mother’s Day Flowers still going strong this am. I meant to paint them before they are dead. Not today not tomorrow. Maybe Sunday?!!

hahnemuhle wc journal and a 2b big fat pencil. Maybe a caran bdache?!! A freebee at some watercolor show or workshop. Usually a 2B is much darker. Oh well.

I also have to get this painting repainted for a friend. Who knew it would be so popular. I wanted it too but the first painting that sold at my show in February. A popular painting.

Fabriano cp 300#

It sat on my kitchen counter for a couple of years til I framed it. And I miss it. Maybe I will repaint myself one too?!

I worked on the background a bit on this bird today and like it better except that unfortunately dip in her back. Of course that’s easy to fix with a bit of tape and a mr clean or a sea sponge.

Wonder what else I can NOT do right today.

Margaret. Xoxoxox still being lazy. Not a good thing with the Ga Watercolor Show deadline looming on June 10. Eeekkkkkk

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