Day 2061 Happy Mother’s Day

My very old Mother with a lap full of my sweet puppy Zoe who loved lollying on her lap. Made them both happy. I think Zoe could be a great therapy dog. She loves occupying someone anyone’s lap.

Mom was lost in The Crown on her new Roku she got for Mother’s Day. Netflix, Amazon and Acorn should make her days a bit more interesting since Dad died last fall after 73 years of marriage. She’s wishing she had a Zoe dog. Her 18 year old Schnauzer Mattie is NOT a lap dog like Zoe. Nobody cuddles better than a Jack Russell. They were bred to ride on horses while the owners rode to the fox hunt. A snuggly dog on horse back was required. I can’t even imagine jumping a horse with a dog on the saddle in a bag, can you?! But that’s what they did.

Anyway. Bed time. Long day driving all over the countryside.

Margaret going you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Xoxoxox

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