Day 2062 Busy Day

Catching up after a week out of town.

Red bellied woodpecker a giant. Everyone flies away whenthis one comes to feed.

Thought I would share some of my fav bird photos from last week at my moms. Downy woodpecker – small cardinal sized bird

Really pleased with these.

Red bellied woodpecker again

Only took about 500 or so. 😳


Paintings or postcards from some of them sooner or later but in the meantime great for reference photos. Carolina wren. My very fav photo I think

Nobody would touch those NON organic strawberries. Scary!!!

It’s easy to draw a wren but harder to remember what exactly their wings look like or the white around their eyes.

Blue Jay- they run the feeder unless the red bellied shows up.


OK so I like the Jays. Naughty bossy boys.

Or hmm are they girls??!

Tufted titmouse – sweet tiny speedy birds that zip in and out too fast for photos.

an elegant bird in his tuxedo. Towhee about as good as he got too. Zipped in and out or was in shadow.

Dove. Need to photoshop that leaf off him


These were taken with my handheld Nikon with a telephoto lens on sports setting. I have hit Del Del Del a lot. Sometimes I ended up with just a tree and no bird.

Margaret ready to hop in bed and finish her book the Fix by Baldacci.

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