Day 1801 It’s Friday!!!

Wow where has the week gone?!

Pepe’s the oldest eating house in Key west as they bill themselves. As in all things Key West this cafe is funky. The bar area on the left is little more than picket fencing and a plastic roof on pvc poles. However the right side where we ate is fascinating.

The bar area

Loaded with all kinds of antiques and ambience.

And a fat cat that they put on all their T-shirt’s. Front and back.

We ate the most amazing key lime pie and coconut cream pie. The later was heaven and former not far from Heaven. Light and fluffy with real whipped cream. Deliciousness.

Their menu My favorite desert on the island. This is the recipe for the coconut cream pie which I searched high and low for on the internet. And it tasted so good when I made it yesterday. Did I say DELICIOUS?!! just be sure to temper the eggs by dumping half a cup of the heated sugar and half and half INTO the eggs SLOWLY not the other way around like I did. Oops. I fixed it and it was delicious despite my goof. Did I say I shoulda known better?!

Margaret xoxoxoxo

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