Day 1783 It’s Monday at AAC

Work in Progress. 19×22 1/2″ -HP Fluid 140#

I think her name is Alluria or close. So many LONG arms and legs. Well she had the usual number but they were all so long and slim and twisted around thru all the gesture poses and then the long pose. Eeekkk. I wonder what’s with how I flattened her bottom on the left side. Hmm easy to fix BUT duh what did I do.

The sketch. See her left leg had a curved bottom edge.

Grisaille layer of burnt umber and ultramarine with a fab of mineral violet. Should have added the mineral violet at the end. Also dabs of burnt sienna and peacock blue.

When you only have a couple of hours to paint a whole person doing grisaille takes too long to dry if you don’t have a hair dryer. Was lucky that she chose to turn her back to us.

It eliminated dealing with a face since there was plenty to deal with doing just the back view.

Love the shot of alizarin crimson across her bottom.

Colors used burnt umber, ultramarine, burnt sienna and peacock blue, hematite burnt scarlet and mineral violet.

Loving the HP fluid watercolor paper. I actually taped it down today and it looks flat as a flitter now that she’s dry and I used a lot of water in her.

Still have to finish the drape she’s sitting on. Cerulean Ann’s cobalt so far.

Margaret finally home and unpacked putting her feet up to eat her chic fil a Market salad. Xoxoxo

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2 thoughts on “Day 1783 It’s Monday at AAC

  1. Alex Aron says:

    I would have to see the model. The deep brownish areas seem awfully brown and too distinct…not blended into the near areas…. Again I need to see the actual figure. No class 2moro…Alexis

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