Day 1759 A funny story aka SoLD!!!!

Omg my crazy week continues . Now my painting sold that was at the fair. NOT the one that won but one of my watercolor flower paintings. Looks great in the frame.

A guy left an inquiry to purchase for Summertime. So I thought call him. Was not in the mood to sell it since it’s my favorite flower painting and I hadn’t had time to enjoy it. I had just gotten it back from the framer before I delivered it to the SC State fair.

I revisited the SCWS show without the mobs.

And NOPE it didn’t get a ribbon. It DIDNT juried get into the Georgia Watercolor Show or The SC Watermedia Show. I was feeling down. Throwing in my new Davinci 10 I bought with some of my prize money.(LOVE that brush. Wore My last one out.)

And took better pics

And then presto off it goes to a new home. The new owner was thrilled. He thought another buyer had gotten it. So evidently people were lining up to buy it. I told him I was going to check to see who was interested. He said no if he wanted it when could we meet. And three miles later I met him at his office and it was bye bye Summertime.

I only took pics of the winners with the names.

My very fav painting in the show. Puppy ❤️❤️❤️[/c[/c[/c[/c



Stamped detail of Guardian

Not a photograph but a watercolor


Detail of Nacoochee Valley

Margaret going out to celebrate her sale. Yeah Xoxoxo

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2 thoughts on “Day 1759 A funny story aka SoLD!!!!

  1. Alex Aron says:

    Wonderful compliment. I love how the blue & white table cloth sets off the entire composition & arrangement. Hope you got the word to him that at some time in the future, you may be open to sell him it. Alexis

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