Day 1757 It’s Growing on me.

Last night I liked this well kinda sort of. The phot once again is dark. The browns go black or dark grey. Loose their juiciness.

I do intend to lift some of the shadows out because the colors didn’t mingle enough. Just wet and blot them and repeat. Then paint again.

Off to the races.

Quin gold wash first

Adding darks burnt sienna raw umber maybe cad orange

sunflowers centers quin gold burnt sienna cobalt teal deep yellow raw umber cerulean peacock blue.

Painted with my Charles Reid colors. Background is peacock blue ultramarine and raw umber my new fav brown.

The flower vase is green apatite cobalt teal ultramarine.

The bowl is raw umber cerulean burnt sienna burnt umber and ultramarine.

Margaret off to lifemodeling after all it’s Saturday. Xoxoxo

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