Day 1750 It’s Saturday

Macy was our model today. This ones NOT DONE. Needs the drapes I think. I did add some black charcoal pencil along her bottom edge to delineate it BUT needs a bit more.

First break

Second break. I think her right arm is a bit thin but Macy is VERY slim.

Second break wash of flesh cad Fred light and French yellow ochre – over all. Then adding more cad red light cerulean and burnt sienna for darks.

Hair burnt umber raw umber and ultramarine. Added dabs of peacock blue here and there for another dark and some cobalt.

Drew Murphy 2’x3′ acrylic on board the darks under her breast are actually a dark chocolate brown NOT black.

First break

Second break.

Eve charcoal

Fred acrylic 2’x3′ on board Mondigliani is alive and well.

Jeremy Sutherland’s lovely head. Powdered pastel.

Al Beyer small Oil on board

Bill Daniels Nailed the proportions. 2’x3′ oil on board

Margaret actually watching the Ga LSU a game. Go DaWgS!! 🤪😱🤨

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