Day 1748 I hit the Trifecta.

Now I have won at Georgia Watercolor Show. This is the winner. Unfurling. Large wc 22×30. I actually won with a watercolor at a watercolor show. I am amazed. Other one was an acrylic.

Will find out Sunday what I have won. Reception 2-4 pm Sunday at Sautee Nacoochee Museum if you want to come.

Did I say the driveway was clean yesterday?! Knew I should have told the yard guy to skip it yesterday but he needs his $$ too. Right?!

Margaret in shock. Last show they didn’t even let me play. Xoxoxox off to bed soon. Tired from that howling hurricane last night waking me up or maybe it was the house too quiet when the power went. It’s back now. Hurrah.

6 thoughts on “Day 1748 I hit the Trifecta.

  1. jameswebbart says:

    I’ve been following you with interest and also as a role model of a good blog. I recently signed up with “WP” which I hope to have up and running soon after going through the learning cure. What “WP” level is your blog posted ? I have the Premium. Just got my PayPal connected.
    Congratulations on your rewards.

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      • jameswebbart says:

        Dear Margaret, Thank you for your quick reply. I signed up with “UDEMY” in the taking of their course in how to use “WP”. As a novice I have managed to get a good start in getting at what I want to do. I’m fortunate in to live in an area where I don’t have to travel far in getting subject matter such as Valley Forge Park just two miles away as well getting to center city Philadelphia for free on the light rail system known as “SEPTA”, South Eastern Transportation Authority.
        My blog/work will focus on all the train stations on the Main Line of the former Pennsylvania Railroad built in the mid 1800s that are loaded with gingerbread where no two stations are alike.
        Villanova, Bryn Mawr, Devon are but a few of them. I hope to go live next week after I iron out all of the bugs.
        Regards, Jim

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