Day 1747 Last Night

Emily 16x 20 Fluid cp

I dragged myself to life modeling last nite at Mancusco Studios. Glad I did. Em turned out well despite my extreme tiredness.

I rather think Emily was tired too. She had large shadows under her eyes. Burning the midnight oil campaigning. I just seem to run the roads aka Drive baby drive. Two trips to Columbia and two trips to Aiken are three trips too many in four short days.

Tom Needham small watercolor. Always has such a lovely soft palette of flesh tones. Tom teaches watercolor down at the Gertrude Herbert if you would like to take a class from him.

Colors used Cad Red Light, D S French ochre, peacock blue, mineral violet, burnt sienna, cerulean, raw umber, ultramarine, red-orange. Most of the colors are Holbein.

Margaret Banting Down the hatches for hurricane Michael. Having several amusing thoughts about the name of this one. My brother Gene said recently to me that hurricanes never come for Athens Ga where he lives. Well he’s in the cone. Lol

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