Day 1730 The Cabin in the Woods

Always liked the view of the cabin from the river. BUTW you can rent it on VRBO Sweetwater Trout Camp in Sapphire NC. My sons mountain cabin surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest with six waterfalls up and down the Thompson River runs thru their 12 acre property and is also known for its trout fishing.

The cabins meadow river and picnic spot

A bit of paradise!! Too bad it stays rented out so much we don’t get up there as often as I would like.

Sliding Rock on nearby Mt Pisgah

It’s a runaway success. If family time doesn’t get blocked off ahead of time oops it gets rented. A good problem.

The driveway to the cabin

I really hate painting trees so I put this off for quite a while. I started with a wash gradually adding darker greens and blues to the trees tops.

Wild hydrangeas along the driveway

Still not perfect but not bad. I splattered it a lot with my Da Vinci 10 sable Brian.

Drawn with my Twisbi loaded with Deartrementis document brown and painted with my Charles Reid palette colors in my Stillman and Birn.

Margaret off to a busy day. Xoxoxox

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