Day 1719 Hand drawings

While I was in Atlanta I read about Suhita s saying she was going to draw 100 hands. She even has links to hand drawing resources.

I got to 8-9. Guess it’s time to draw some more hands. BUT the reason I post this is just drawing. Those few hands really helped with drawing the models hands over the last week or so.

Hmm maybe I only drew seven hands but as I said it helped. I drew Matt’s hands fairly effortlessly on Monday. Ditto Ilania on Saturday and Mona yesterday. A flurry of Peppers hands at Dr Sketchys. Mona’s hand.

So many hands to draw. And they require practice practice. Think I will do some Moh!

Ps most

Hands are painted with cad Ted light and cad yw light or French yellow ochre.

Margaret who might draw her feet tonite.

Xoxoxox100 hands …well I got to 8 I think #hands #stillmanandbirn #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #atlanta #atlantaartistcenter #lostedges #charlesreid #watercolor #drawing #sketching #lifemodel

4 thoughts on “Day 1719 Hand drawings

  1. Alex Aron says:

    Margaret. I did 5 hand sketches for my homework last week for our great Figure Drawing class with Joe. He ‘s a super professor. Alexis

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    • Margaret Hunt says:

      I have heard. Going to try to make it Tuesday. I have to take my painting to Columbia for the SC watermedia National Show early next week too. Too much to do so little time. Ps I drew some more hands last nite. Yeah. And two feet.


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