Day 1717 Chattanooga Choo Choo

Chattanooga is famous for its choo as in the song. It’s almost famous for the great train race during the civil war from Chattanooga to Atlanta. Or was it Kennesaw? Just north of Atlanta.

A quick last sketch in Chattanooga standing in Niedloves parking lot. That little bubble above the sketch is the real choo Choo sign above the old station. I would have been closer to it when we ate at the station the day before but we had to get to lifemodeling.

The choo choo.

In the station. What great windows. To think they tore ours down in Augusta to build a boring block shaped post office. Sigh. And we wonder what’s wrong with Augusta?!

Margaret who made four dozen meringue cookies today. Zero calories become of using Swerve sweetener. Yum yum. Xoxoxox

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