Day 1716 Dr S part trois

Finally a colored sketch!! Caran dache neocolor ii I’m super aquabee paper. Twenty minute sketch.

Here’s the pencil sketch.

I took another picture of the bride. Think she just pales in comparison. It was a ten minute sketch I think.

And I gave the umbrella sketch away without so much as a picture. Darn.

Best fun at Sketchys in a while.

Time to eat the quiche I made. Yum yum. Fresh steamed broccoli too.

Ttyl Margaret having a lazy Sunday xoxoxox maybe I should draw the quiche!? Pepper The almost bride Dr Sketchys at Chat Noir! More at #drsketchys #augusta #pentelpen #watercolor #ink #chatnoir #burlesque #inkdrawing #art #sketching #lifemodel #nude #charlesreid #allaprima #dailydrawing

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