Day 1294 Charles Reid FINALLY

It was awesome. A container ship passing by the hotel as I parked my car this am.

Seeing old friends as Judy and Charles Reid, Mike, Karen, and, of course-Colette, and meeting new friends. The dynamic duo – Charles and his wife Judy – are just delightful wonderful people.

The great man Charles Reid painting!!

His painting. Such magic watching him paint. Sold for $1400. Nice to know mine has gone up $400 since last May. Charles’ Contour Drawing

If you haven’t taken a class from him DO IT!! Or at least get his videos the next best thing.

Colette and I had a hasty lunch in her room and ran down to the river to walk along the Savannah. Looks just like my part of the river but no paddle boats where I live. Just a lot of kayaks.

The set up. Yep that’s a croissant!!

My contour drawing which means keep your hand on the paper and connect all the objects dummy(that’s me!! 4 times now I have taken his class. I should KNOW by now!!)

My painting l. Still don’t think it’s loose enough but everyone loved it. Someone even thought it was a Charles Reid 👀.

Bed time. I hope to get up early and go draw in downtown Savannah.

It’s so gorgeous and not hot then.

Margaret in Savannah ready for bed. Xoxoxox

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