Day 1295 – More Flowers

Day Two is in the bag. Another busy day.

I thought you might like to see how Charles painted this painting.

The world famous coot is the bird in the picture. I wonder how many times he has painted it.

First break.

Second break. He takes breaks every 20 minutes or so.

Third break.

Fourth break. Aka DONE!!!

My sketch. Drawing the recorder was such a pain.

I tried really hard to let the paint mingle on the page. As Charles says watercolor is 50% the painter 50% the watercolor doing its thing.

We ate at Vic’s on E Bay last nite. Shrimp and grits for dinner. Then we rode around Savannah a bit. It rained a lot so not many pictures.

The Mercer House was The House in the book Midnight in Garden of Good and Evil.

An old Jewish Schul across the square from the Mercer House.

Off to class. More tomorrow Margaret xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Day 1295 – More Flowers

  1. Alex Aron says:

    The yellow orange lilies in vase ==u nailed that watercolor. Love Savannah. Rain puts a damper on things (pun intended). Alexis Sent fromMail for Windows 10

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