Day 1208 done unless

The peanut gallery has some critique to make. 🤗 aka my friends who I txt about our watercolors and paintings.

Going to have to be a little more deliberate with my brush strokes aka don’t break it to fix it because I spent a lot of time today fixing it. Never a good idea.

I lightened up Barney aka the eggplant a lot by wetting it and blotting it with a Kleenex.

Also added sloppy dots here and there. There are three in this photo. So much easier than painting a la Charles.

A sloppy dot is when u add watery dots of color to the painting. Mostly I used cerulean and a bit of burnt sienna

Already drawn another. Will start it tomorrow. Ok Fabriano this time. It is better paper.

Hoping this one behaves better.

Zoe pic of the day.

Margaret off to dr Sketchys soon. Xoxoxo