Day 1259 Strawberry Time

Strawberry Time – 8×22″ 300 lb cp Fabriano

Finally got around to painting the strawberries I drew a couple of weeks ago.

Colors used hmmm not sure. Pyrrole red quin red and quin coral imperial purple ultramarine on strawberries. Chrome green and quin gold on leaves w ultramarine blue. Shadows ultramarine blue and imperial purple.

Background manganese blue with ultramarine blue and imperial purple.

Here’s the pencil sketch. and I actually did a practice sketch in my sketchbook which I published a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t decided whether or not to add the words yet. The dark blue in the first one is a little dark to write on. What do you think.

Margaret whose off to meet her friend Ruth at Maggie Maes in Adairsville today. Have a fabulous day. Xoxoxo

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Day 1287 Atlanta Artists Center

What a gem. It alone could make me move to Atlanta. Model drawing three days a week. And three hours to draw the model.👀 Why don’t we have one in Augusta?!

Update. My friend Karen said to add some quin gold to her. I also decided to add a bit of alizarin to her cheeks. Looking at her last night I decided the green background was destroying her and added peacock blue to the background. I think it’s really a brand name for manganese. Now I think she’s done. I think it really perked her up.

Jamila about an hour or so. Not too sure I didn’t make a hash out of pretty YOUNG Jamila. Too many under eye shadows I think. And her skin isn’t dark enough. Love how I painted her braids. I scratched them w my brush handle as they dried. Also love her clothes and the background.

The rest of them. Maybe it’s the green background?! Makes the burnt sienna wash out?!! I dunno. Maybe I should add some Managanese to it tomorrow.

Canson waterboard 4b pencil Burnt sienna cobalt blue for skin w alizarin on cheeks and lips. Burnt number and ultramarine for hair. Alizarin jacket imperial purple on blouse. Background is Charles Reids favorite green chrome green that he uses on all his flower leaves.

8 1/2 x11″ practice sketch in superaquabee paper. Same colors.

I gave it to Jamila and she lit up like a Christmas tree. She was so sweet.

I started this one in the last hour. Funny even though I had here hours I paced myself for our usual two hour sessions in Aiken. I have to say three hours of painting was exhausting.

One more sketch forty minutes or so. Also on Canson waterboard. This is my favorite. But oops her eyes are two sizes, not quite the same shape and tooooo far apart. That dark under her lip is too dark. Oh well. It was fun. Here’s Miss Jamila. I didn’t do her justice. Maybe I will have another go sometime.

Isn’t she adorable. It was nice to get to draw a young girl for once.

After I left I went to Chic Fil A and got my secret weapon a large tea light ice and ordered GRILLED chicken nuggets. I was on my way to the yarn store when I discovered they were fried. Yum yum. Manana from heaven. ðŸĪ—👍ðŸŧâĪïļ

A trip to Traders Joes for flowers. Peonies soooo gorgeous. And then Tuesday Morning for an apron which I left at home.

I threw my paintbrush on my favorite turquoise T-shirt today. Not easy to do. 👀ðŸĪŠ

Ttyl Margaret having fun in a Atlanta. Xoxoxo

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