Day 1298 – The Party is Over😢

Plein Air?!

Ah no. Way to hot in Savannah for that. Think: walk out the door and start to drip in under five minutes – humid and HOT! 🤪

Tracy Marty and I on our way to Blicks.

A pedicab was the perfect way to see the city and inexpensive.

Watched the amazing Charles Reid paint one last time. The days flew by!!! That’s his sweetheart of a wife Judy with him. Only married 57 Years!!!

My not quite finished painting of Sitting Bull an Ogalala Sioux medicine man. We were painting from old copyright free photos because it was way to steamy in Savannah.

I had left my sketches at Karen’s 26 miles away by the time I discovered the fact. So I redrew him and forgot to take a picture of him before I painted. We were all on melt down to try to finish before three when class ended.

Colors used. Burnt sienna cobalt and yellow ochre on his face. Ultramarine blue and burnt umber hair. Clothes. Burnt sienna cobalt yellow cerulean orange cad red and a dab of Alizarin.

Then Tracy Marty and i went to blicks and did some crack drawing. A good way to get drippy. Must have been over 100 even in the shade. What were we thinking?!! But it was fun.

The Art In the Mountain ladies who ran the workshop Tracy and Marty had looked at my crack sketchbook while the rest of us were painting and wanted to learn how to do it. Can’t way to see theirs painted. They are both too much fun.

Then we went down on river st by the Savannah and finally went in the air. I think I was trying for a heat stroke.

Back to the hotel for the Ghost Tour. How much can you do in one day?! 😱 Riding the open trolley til 10:30 listening to ghost stories. Is Savannah the second most haunted city. I think my brain was dead by then.

The city looks totally different at night. I could get lost wandering around all those twenty something squares in Savannah.

Our hostess did her best to scare us to death. A great informative tour. suppose to see specters in this pier mirror in the Sorrell Weed Museum house.

Scary?! Not so much as the Key West ghost hunting tour I went on. No ghost sightings but I don’t really want to EVER see one.

Margaret in Atlanta needing a nap maybe for a week or so. Xoxoxox

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