Day 1245 Honey time

Honey and I have been having a distressing time. Surgery for a huge licknoma. Now she’s got an enormous infected lymph node third course of antibiotics in six weeks.

Hoping the cipro will knock it out but who knows at this point?! Of course it’s probably not cancer a big plus in our lives. When your voracious flabrador wont eat you do worry and rush her to the vet AGAIN! Especially when you find a knot on her tummy bigger than your fist.

Hopefully she’s on the mend. Now I am going to turn this into a bigger watercolor. Half sheet I think.

The original photo. For once I drew her from a photo. I love the rug in this pic and the light on it. Got to do better retaining my lights on the rug and Honey. Oopsey. Small size pages so easy to loose hem.

Ultramarine and burnt umber for the blacks. Quin gold on rig and floor. Rug – alizarin marine blue cobalt French ultramarine quin gold. Shadows cobalt ultramarine blue. Eyes and floor quin burnt orange. Serpentine green background.

I used a white gel pen because I killed some of my highlights especially the white around her eye. Oops.

Margaret xoxoxox in Augusta minus a jillion avid Masters golf fans. They have gone home. HURRAH!!!

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