Day 1230 – Going Gothic

I realized I had not posted the original painted sketch of the Cotton Exchange. This building is pretty complicated as only an old Victorian gothic revival building can be. Off hand it reminds me of drawing Notre Dame

or the Cathedral in Rouen that Monet painted 28 odd times. I couldn’t draw the whole building because the Christmas Market wrapped the front of the church on the Plaza. Drawn standing in theRuue de Gros Horlage in the rain. Drawn in a drizzle St MacClou in Rouen perhaps my favorite a wedding cake of a Gothic Church. All have lots of details to keep you busy drawing.

St Pierre in Montmartre tucked up near Sacre Couer

English de Ranville drawn in the rain. It rains a lot in France when I am trying to draw a church or a cathedral.

Saint Sauvers in Les Andelys drawn leaning on a building across the street in the morning sun.

Inside Saint Sauverers sitting in a nice rush seat chair. So France.

I do have an affection for Gothic and Catholic Churches. All started by going to mass at Sacred Heart which Catholic friends when I spent the night or maybe because my dad went to Notre Dame where he met mom or maybe it’s because most of my dads family are all Irish Catholics??

Colors used quin coral with a bit of quin sienna serpentine green cerulean quin sienna.

And there are probably more churches in other sketchbooks.

Margaret xoxoxo

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