Day 1224 Most Holy Trinity

After I drew the church I thought the church steeple would make a perfect double page spread if I just drew a long tall piece of it. Of course I got off to a bit or Rocky start.Margaret McCarthy Hunt

This is now the downtown Catholic Church. First painting.

The church used to be called St Patrick’s before it was combined the Sacred Heart Parish to become Holy Trinity. Sacred Heart is the public’s gain since it’s now available for all kinds of events from weddings to art shows to garden shows or a luncheon.

The whole double page was coated with a light quin gold. Holy Trinity painted with cerulean mineral violet cobalt and quin sienna on the building shadows roof. Tree is hookers and quin gold and burnt sienna. Also burnt umber and ultramarine marine. Splatters with those last colors and some mineral violet. Sky is manganese blue coated twice with cobalt near the church roof.

today I put in a new keyless front door lock. It worked great. You notice anything odd about it?! I put it in upside down. Now I have to take it apart and start over. 🤪

Margaret who is done for the day.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1224 Most Holy Trinity

  1. Alex Aron says:

    Lovely watercolors & sketches…… that lock boo-boo is something I would do….if it weren’t such a Nuisance to correct it, it’s funny. Alexis

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  2. saryansha says:

    The watercolor effect of the sky is reminiscing! It reminds me of the style of color applied in the children’s books that I used to read, as a child.

    It would feel like the sky, the colors, have a life of their own – within the borders of the drawings, shapes, or the page itself – flowing and blending into lighter or darker colors.

    All this, drawn in a book – and that too, in a double page spread! My art teacher would tell use to use our creativity and draw in any way necessary – just to get the drawing out of our heads!

    These sketches, drawings and colorings remind me of the lessons I was taught, when I was at school.

    As for the lock, I think you can remove the number stickers and turn them the right side!

    The unlock button looks tempting to touch!

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