Day 1223 Behind posting

Out of town company. Eeekkk

Drawing the band Jeff & Shep at Mellow Mushroom. Been too busy painting other things like the alpaca and the roosters to have time to paint this. Oh and more of my whacky animals. I really need to do an updated post of them.

I did take a photo of the sketch and the band together but that seems to be missing from my phone. Hmmmm. Wonder how that happened.

I did paint the St Paul’s sketch that I did last Thursday. I actually love the shadow side of the steeple. I think I used cobalt and burnt sienna or quin sienna for the shadows. I have both siennas in the palette so hard to say which I used.

The sky is cerulean and manganese wet on wet. The roof is Daniel Smith serpentine green.

My current favorite man in my life. Lol.

Drawn with my lamy Ef in my stillman and birn alpha.

Margaret xoxoxox

Jeff &Shep . #mellowmushroom #augusta #Jeff&Shep#augustlandmarks #urbansketching #ink #usk #watercolor #aquarelle #stillmanandbirn #artonbroad #thecottonexchange #cottonexchange #dailydrawing #sketching

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