Day 886 – Another Guy

Don Henley of The Eagles. I think he needs more Wrinkles. But what gorgeous blue eyes. He is painted with watercolors. Ted Nuttalls transparent colors plus cerulean. The beard is painted with cerulean and turquoise. 

The background and letters are painted with gouache. Yellow,  pyrrole red, and white. 

The sketch. I did add a smudge to the left hairline on the forehead. It was too square. 

I like the contrast of the gouache with the transparent watercolors. I am thinking about adding a list of their songs to the background to fill up the empty spot between the head and the letters. 

And a big oops. They were talking about  band member Glenn Frey on CBS when I was drawing this. My poor brain decided to write his name instead of Dons. Oops. Great G though. So I had to use the gouache to paint it out. It was either that or some ledger pages. 

Key West  is looming. 

Off I go. Ttyl. 

Margaret on the road again. Xoxoxo

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