Day 889 Merry Christmas 

I have spent the last few days madly working on this stocking to get it done in time for Christmas. I am posting the pattern for it at the end of this edition. 

If you decide to knit this stocking it is not quite two feet long. Difficulty.  Similar to knitting an easy  sock decorated with cross stitch. 

Once you get to the heel you are close to done because it’s knitted on size six needles. 

These Christmas hats are a big hit and very easy to knit. Just a regular knitted cap decreased at the top to a point. The green one is decorated with icord. 

All of the socks look great hung on the fireplace ready for Santa. 

Knitted from a great Christmas sock book called Knit Christmas Stockings!: 19 Patterns for Stockings and Ornaments (September 4, 2003) available on Amazon. Comes in a Santa version. 

We have a Snowman theme going on. 

Same sock Henry’s version. 

My mother knitted this for my younger son using the following pattern. One of her most creative socks. 

This is the original sock pattern that my mom knitted all our socks from when we were kids. Nobody knows where it came from or who copied it it’s been around so long. Knowing my mom it was some freebee you got when you bought yarn from Columbia Minerva yarn corporation. 

Santa too hard. Substitute something like a snowman or a train. Both much easier to knit. 

This stocking is knitted from pattern. It’s easy to choose a simple crossstitch pattern and add it to the sock instead of the very complicated Santa. 

My dad knitted this one for his mom in 1970 or so. Instead of knitting in the letters he actually whip stitched them on. A quirky fun effect. Now it’s my stocking. 

Knit them from wool and they will last a long time. 

Merry Christmas. Get those needles clicking so you will have them done for next year. 

Margaret whose going to play with the grandkids now. Hohoho