Day 882 Don’t Break the Painting! 

Photo #3 Finally looks like Al our favorite art professor. He makes quips like 

  • Don’t Break the painting to have to fix it …because my students always tell me they will do it later and they never do. 

And of course I broke this one. I used gouache partly because Al likes it better than watercolor but also because the sketch was terrible. The face was too fat the eyes were off and at the wrong angle. All the black around it is where I corrected it and colored over the background. 

This is a not quite done pic. I take pics with my phone sometimes to see how it’s coming. I also sent it to a couple of friends who critiqued him. Face too fat and not enough top of the head. I only added a fraction of an inch and it really helped it look like him. 

The gouache was a lot of fun but I need a bigger tube of white. I am going thru it like potato chips.  

A few more Al-isms or painting according to Al. 

  • Nail it by doing prep work. The sketch and underpainting are fright before you start final painting. 
  • Warms and cools make a happy painting-Complimentary Pairs. 
  • Brush strokes – bigger the better. Use house painting brushes and paint it in one pass. 
  • Same intensity of two complimentaries make them pop.
  • Change blue use thalo sometimes. 
  • Thick paint makes it closer glazes farther away
  • Texture brush strokes 
  • People are stingy about their paint. 
  • A really great painter pays attention to the corners and edges not just the middle. 

Thanks for looking in. 

Margaret whose sleepy.