Day 881 - James

Ok so another tv drawing. James Taylor was on CBS Morning News yesterday after being honored st the Kennedy Center. Always loved him so naturally I was tempted.  

He’s a little long in the face but otherwise I really love him. The eyes are great. 

Note to self. Take time to measure!!!

Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent wc palette. Drawn with a pentel brush pen in a Beta Stillman and Birn mixed media journal. 

This is Teds actual hand held palltette.

These are the actual colors he recommends for the most transparency. I just have to add a couple. Cerulean and a Daniel Smith quin coral. The coral makes great skin tone mixed with quin gold or quin sienna or red orange. 

Thanks for checking in. Ttyl. Gotta draw another person but this time my own photo. 

Margaret staying in after yoga and another exercise class at the Y today. A nap soon!!