Day 878 It’s Saturday. 

Hanging guys out with my peeps in Aiken at USCA sketching nekkid people I mean at life modeling. Always fun times hanging out with other artists.  

Sarah 20 minute warm up sketch 12×16 Canson mi-teintes paper pentel brush pen and watercolor.  Really like this one a lot. Instead doing one large acrylic painting today I decided to do some pen and ink sketches in watercolor because I had done so well at Dr Sketchys Wednesday nite nailing the proportions over and over.

Sarah without splatters. So while I was on a roll I decided to continue. 

The pose was odd because she was raised up about four feet high. Since I am only five feet one I had an odd view. Told Al I needed a box to stand on. But I persevered and like this one. Fun playing with her hair. 

Go round #2 from a slightly different angle. I could actually see her arm. After about thirty minutes. I started over because I mismeasured. The knob to the right of her left breast is a foot or a knee all I could see of them. Ruth said it looked like a growth so I painted it over. Don’t know if I should have stopped while I was ahead but here she is with perhaps another 2o minutes painting. 

Al Beyer’s large oil
Jeremy’s delicate conte crayon. Just lovely. 

A lovely pastel. Forgot the lady’s name. Sorry. 

Cathe’s. Always like her wispy paintings. 

Alexis a new era charcoal. Good job. 

Rachel Millers a newbie to watercolor. She shames us all with her talent. 

Tom Needham’s watercolor. 
Fred’s zany woman. For once not angry. 

Sad I won’t be going for the next three weekends. Key West then Atlanta for Christmas. Be back in the New Year. 

A bientôt! 

Margaret dreaming of Paris xoxoxo