Day 892 – The Rest of the Story Buzzards Roost

As I have said before we start and end our trip thru the Keys at Buzzards Roost. After a 14 hour drive from Atlanta it was dark when we got there this trip. The restaurant sits in the middle of a marina on a canal in Key Largo. This was the view from our table complete with Christmas lights. 

Only had 125 miles left to go of Overseas Highway including the seven mile bridge left.  Hate doing it at night because the views of the blue green water are spectacular in the day time. 

Colors used : quin gold. Seems to be my fav color lately. Under the palms and the lights and on the boats. 

Purple and indigo for darks. Cerulean blue and quin burnt orange for greys on the boats.  And a bit of burnt umber and ultramarine blue. And white gouache for the Christmas lights. 

Anyway Henry and Livia time. 

Try Margaret xoxoxo