Day 886 From The Sawgrass Turnpike

In Florida on the way to Key West!! Another week on vacation at the HyattWindward  on the Atlantic. How many more miles?  232 miles and we left at 5 am this morning. 😳

From Thanksgiving in Sapphire Valley my youngest son snoozing on his front porch on a sunny afternoon.  

This sketch was almost a disaster but it looks a lot better after adding shading to the block head I gave him. 

The foreshortening of the figure was tough. And of course he got up before I had time to take a pic or color it.  

Tombow markers in my Stillman and Birn  Beta mixed media sketchbook. Carbon Platinum pen. 

Standby for Key West sketches. Got a brand new Zeta book just for the week at Key West. Renting a bike to get up close and personal with the island which is only 2×4 miles but so much to do and draw. 


Margaret whose bottom is getting very tired.