Day 885 – Zoe Waiting For Santa 

She’s been a very good girl. I think she’s finished but I reserve the right to change her. I forgot to put the snow flakes on her scarf. Zoe does love her scarves. She always wears one. 

UPDATE: I added the snowflakes with a white pentel gel pen. Sooo easy. Try it you will like it. 

When I drew this she was tucked up on the sofa on a red and green diamond Christmas quilt a perfect foil for her white fur. Her big brown eyes could drill holes in you. 

I almost messed her up. I did NOT alike these green letters that I did with a dagger brush. So I wet them down, smeared them out, added some indigo with a big brush and ended up with the background in the first picture. 

MUCH Better!!!  Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean and Daniel Smith Serpentine Genuine. 

Drawn with my pentel brush pen in a Stillman and Birn mixed media Beta journal. 

Thanks for checking by! 

Off to Key West. Margaret. Xoxoxo 

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