Day 883 A Little Color!! 

Not my best. May require more work. Gouache painting of one of our fav restaurants in Brevard Mayberrys. Awesome

Cheese cornbread and vegeterian chili. Tonite sunset out then back door. Truly spectacular. That’s the cold front roaring into Augusta forcing a bank of sin drenched clouds ahead of it. 

I looked outside a minute later (I swear just one minute) and it was gone. 

Zoe trying to get my attention.

Today’s morning sketch of Eagles Band member Don Henley. 

Oops. They were talking about his friend and fellow band member Glenn when I started writing DoNs name. Now I broke it and I have to fix it. Sigh. 

Let the painting begin. 

Margaret off the Key West tomorrow and would pack if she had any clothes that fit for 82 degree weather. Guess I will shop when I get there. 

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