Day 577 – Meringue Deliciousness

I had a serious love affair with meringues in France. I have always loved a good meringue whether on top of a lemon  pie or as a small crispy bit. 

 An enormous one bought in Conflans. 
 They were everywhere in France. Our boat kept an endless supply of them at the snack bar ALL day long. Enough that you could have a diabetic coma everyday if you wanted. And so delicious. 

 I sat in front of St Maclou munching on this one. Who could resist a cat shaped meringue. 

Run far away when you see a meringue or you might get addicted. Wonder if they sell them at Publixs?! They used to have the most delicious sugar free bits of meringue. Hmm…..

Colors used cerulean burnt sienna Winsor yellow. Chocolate color is burnt umber and Inathrodone blue.  Vermilion mouth on the cat. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx 


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