Day 561 – Rouen returns?! Changes!! 

 Final for the moment – Place du Vieux Marché – the Old Market Place in Rouen

Can’t remember if I posted this since I have painted on it for a couple of days which is why I am calling this Changes. See if you can find the changes.  I know I posted it on Instagram but not sure about my blog. 

  Earlier this evening 

This is the the market place where Julia Child first tried French cooking in one of those buildings in the background. It’s also the place where Joan of Arc was burned and the large grey roof is the church dedicated to her in the middle of the market place. Rouen is also the capital of Normandy and forty miles or so from the coast or La Manche – the Sleeve – as the French call the English Channel. 

 About three pm
The customers were sketched in as the drifted by doing their shopping. A lot of them had dogs or small children. It was a holiday – Armistice Day which is a big deal in France still. 

This was the original. Some of the figures and the trees did not stand out. So I spent the next day off and on brightening or darkening the surroundings to make the painting pop more. I used my camera a lot taking photos of it to see if something else was needed. 

Too tired to post the colors.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx

2 thoughts on “Day 561 – Rouen returns?! Changes!! 

  1. kandriot1 says:

    I love this! I love watercolors. I love Scenes of European towns, so peaceful and laid back. Unlike American Cities where one has to be going, going, going all the time.


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