Day 256 – Another Dog

Dogs are big in my family. All of us have at least one and some of us have several. I have two. A Jack Russell who I posted a couple of days ago and a huge lab. Honey is a chow hound. Loves biscuits and I mean the southern kind not cookies but she will eat those too. She is always thinking about food.  

When I got her from the Aiken pound she weighed about 75 lb. We have fixed that. She now weighs about 110 pounds.  The dog seriously loves food. She also steaks food off the kitchen counter especially any bread product. 

Anyway this is drawn with a black Pentel brush pen. The highlights are gouache as is the background.  The lettering is done with the Kuratake brush pen. 

The thought of food makes her joyful. And you can see it I this picture. 

Thanks for looking!! 

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