Day 247 – A Little Breakfast

I think this should be called brunch because it never gets eaten at breakfast time. 

Made up for not not writing on the chicken.  I wrote all over this one. I used a B and a F sepia pitt pen. Also used schminke gouache my new way to fix my myriad mistakes. It does so well covering them up. The cup was drawn so far to the right in ink that I had to move it over to get the handle on it. It has such a nice pulled handle. Both the cup and bowl were made by my favorite local potter Dave Stewart of Wild Hare pottery. 

I also had to paint the whole background. Boring  to me with just the white paper. 

Remember when doing stripes on the tablecloth they are darker closer and lighten up as the recede. It also gets a little greyer. 

TIP: To get really white gouache highlights load the SIDE of a rigger brush and touch it sideways to the painting. 

Thanks for looking!!

 Gouache colors used white turquoise, Quin Violet, pyrrole red, Azo yellow, and indigo. 

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