Day 1001 One day at a time. 

Another day another post. If I quit now I am back to day one. Onward.  One day at a time. 

Trying to catch up my Book of the Night journal the online class I am doing with Juliana Coles as teacher. 

The assignment from the week I was in Charlotte is very long and involved. Though I took notes in it I did this page wrong. Oops.  

It now looks like this.  

But I keep trying to figure out how to use the other figures. This option orrrr

This one.  The added paper collage is old citrasolv National Geographics I did several years ago.  I have quite a stack. 

The bottom layer of this page is purple tape painted black. Then journaled on with white gel pen. Never have the news on while journaling. And then a haunted forest added. I had to turn off the news and the first song on was The Night With a Thousand Eyes.  Perfect.  Then I added the eyes.  

Here it is when I started this morning.  

Prisma art sticks Caran dache Neocolor ii white paint pen. 

Two more pages to finish.  Eek. Will post the correctly done page tomorrow. Stay tuned.  

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 993 How many more days till 1000?!!!


I might cut back to three four times a week. What do you think I should do?!

Worked on this page this morning. 

This is what it looked like this am. 

What the whole three page spread looks line now. 

I colored the hand green with a Prismacolor art stick. The scar letter on the right was done in a page ripped from an old Bartletts quotations. 

I flipped this huge thick book open randomly to Lewis Carrol which I thought quite odd since I had a couple of quotes from Alice on the middle page. Decided to save it , read it and maybe cut up the poems on it later. 

Flipped the book again without looking. Louisa May Alcott was on that page. I have read every book she wrote at least once and read Little Women multiple times. It’s also the only book I own multiple copies of.   

I scribbled the letter with a Kuretake brush pen loaded with carbon platinum black. I ripped the letter by laying my hand on it to give it a hand shape but leave the X-ray part and glued it down. 

The milagro heart was also a piece of the same Louisa May Alcott page. The shreds of the ripped up letter cut out like a heart and glued and colored. After all sometimes our hearts need a miracle. 

Why a heart?! The reason for the X-ray. Some scars are hidden!! And you know your heart is one such place.  

Then I colored it with Prismacolor paint sticks and tombow markers. The Tombows did really well on the black masking tape. Who knew?! 

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 979 -21 Days left

Till 1000. The goal is nigh! 

Taking an online class in extreme journaling with Julianna Coles. All my questing for a book at goodwill, salvation army, thrift stores and in the garage where I found a forgotten stack of books I found the perfect book in my son’s recycle bin in Atlanta. It’s a heavy thick very slick Saks sales ad. Since it was trash I didn’t feel bad about altering it. It also had some nice photos of women in it. 

Despite babysitting the grandchildren single handedly, lecturing to middle schoolers about art quilts aka show n tell and driving about four hundred miles I bounced out of bed to start the monster mash process this morning. 

I worked on the cover since I did not like the big script Saks on the cover. 

Oddest thing happened when I opened a huge old Bartletts to cut out poetry. I don’t think I even turned a page. It opened to a page that held a poem about “locking all your heart aches inside” and “hide it in your trunk” “will hide all your failures””will rise to meet you yet” and of course I cut them out and glued them on.  

I don’t think it’s quite done the more I look at them. Bout maybe they are never done? They will tell me. Lots of fun.  Go sign up.  


The first double page spread. Thinking it’s still too busy. 

I painted stamped collages scribbled and painted and lettered and I could go on but it’s time for French. Acrylic paint caran dache neocolonial ii prismacolor paintstiks paint marker. 

The books about the size of a piece of printer paper. Can’t wait for the next chapter. 

Margaret xoxoxo #julianacoles 

   Day 968 Hmm I know I have something to post. 

Number three does this mean it’s a series.  Still not colored because I am sitting in a dental chair. Eeeekkk. Woke up and thought about it last nite. How to color it. Leave it plain like the others or alter it. We shall see. 

Options. Watercolor acrylic pens gel pens paint markers. We shall see. Oh and collage. 

I spent most of the day working on these two in photoshop and test printing Sacred Heart on various papers. Oddly my big HP did as well as the Epson. Hmmm. 

I want to stitch the big Mill together to get rid of the seam.  No success yet. Soon I hope. And the colors are off when I print. Waiting for one more cartridge for the epson which I know is archival. I did run a piece of watercolor paper thru the HP without a hiccup. Who knew you could do that?! 


Margaret xoxoxo more photoshop and printing adventures to come. 

Day 918 The Feet that Marched 

Right foot left foot. 

Contour drawing. Well supposedly. 

 I tried not to peak at my foot but that’s so hard. Maybe I will try again after my painting class this afternoon.
I had to color this coloring book like page. COULD NOT give up color once we started!!

L-R Noodler Konrad, Lamy Safari, Pentel Brush Pen, Carbon Pen.  

Done with four different pens but I had to color my coloring book page with. Prismacolor art sticks.  

Ttyl time for class. Getting ready for TWO shows. What was I thinking. 

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 840 Almost a nightmare. 

The pen I used on this page was not one of my normal ones. THE INK LEAKED WHEN I TRIED TO PAINT THE PAGE with a light blue tombow pen. EEEKKK.

So I painted almost all the letters grey with water thinking I would stop there. I painted All but the numbers which is why the letters are a darker red.  I blotted alot of the excess ink with kleenex and take out napkins.

When the numbers did behaved ok I decided to go back over the grey letters with the same red marker. And a dark red resulted…not the lite blue I had in mind BUT when catastrophe strikes you have to make lemonade right?

Then I colored the background with what I thought was a yellow marker…it was really orange…oh well …I wet it and lifted alot of it too with the kleenex heap which was growing.

Not bad but I will not be using that pen again unless I want the ink to run. Here’s a picture of the offending pen.  Its a Japanese pen with a brush on one end and a really fine point on the other end.

I tried to go with the bleedy color. It occasionally  got me into trouble as I colored and painted. So I blotted some more with the growing heap of kleenex!
I used tombow markers and a couple of caran d’ache neocolor ii crayons on this. Strathmore 500 mixed media journal a lovely crispy paper. Highly recommend this one or stillman and birns series. Great sketchbooks for watermedia.


Margaret off to the y for yoga!!😳xoxox

Day 730 – Happy Birthday Blog!!! 

Happy Birthday Blog!!! Caran d’ache neocolor II on Kilimanjaro 5×7″

Absolutely THRILLED to say  TWO years of posting daily. I started out just trying to post daily for 50 days. I think I made it!! 😊👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Start of an Abstract iii 26×40 Arches 280# elephant sheet 

Have a couple of watercolors ready to paint. I really need to get with it but …..

So what else is up???  Plotting a trip to somewhere -probably France or China. 

Travelzoo had some great deals. $1800 for 14 days in China including air fare may be hard to pass up.

But then there’s a seven day deal in France 4-5 days in Paris, museum passes hop on hop off bus, then off to the French country side around Dijon driving ourselves. Thinking that could be an adventure to remember. 

Raisin full sheet watercolor Fabriano Hot Press just started 
And thinking about  a repeat of the Paris – Normandy Viking Cruise. You say why?! So I can draw Paris, Vernon, Auvers, Normandy and Rouen without being hustled everywhere nonstop while being pampered on the ship. Not bad. 

Never touching a suitcase has its appeals. 

It’s running $1900 including airfare. The southern leg thru Provence is also dirt cheap now. 

So many possibilities. Which will it be. In the meantime heading to the mountains and Key West while we decide. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret dreaming of foreign lands instead of painting. Xxx

Day 711  and then 

There were more. 

Sweet Mary our backdoor neighbor and our new bff. 

Donna. She’s much prettier than this sketch of her. 

Once again these were painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. The notes were colored with Winsor Newton watercolor markers, a caran d’ache watercolor pencil and a Daniel Smith watercolor crayon

Thanks for checking by. 
Margaret xxx

Day 696 – Memories

Best thing about a travel journal is the memories when you look back through it. 

Raisin and I shared some awesome deserts and a free shot of Jameson’s is always welcome!! 

This was a pretty great strawberry shortcake at Calhouns on the Tennessee River. The view was fabulous. Will post it when I get done painting it!  Riverside is a wonderful place to eat especially when it’s a different river than the one i live on.

The lines on this page are made with a Wonsor Newton watercolor  markers and a Daniel Smith watercolor crayon that I got at Jerrys Artarama during the demo. 

I color with them – draw lines -and then release them with water which let’s them bleed where they want to go. A really fun effect.  
And I started this last nite. Forgot to eat dinner. Must be fun right?! Hmm 🤔 full sheet arches 300# 22 x 30″ eeekkkkk

Thanks for checking by. 

More Knoxville fun to come. 

Margaret xxx

Day 329 – Urban Sketching 

in Columbia at Nonnahs on Gervais. 

The view of the restaurant from our table. Delicious awesome from scratch biscuits made with the famous SC flour Adluh and great chicken salad on a bed of mixed greens with artichoke hearts and lots of iced tea.  Deliciousness.  

I had hoped some more victims I mean patrons would come in but all there were walked by on the sidewalk after I drew the buildings. OPPS! 

Noodler Konrad with Lexington Grey ink and Caran d’ache.  

The zigzags of color are applied after the base color dries.  I think it gives a little Zing to the sketch. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx