Day 198 One more down Edisto Way

Having a binge tv do nothing day unless I had no choice. Driveway visit with a friend I hadn’t seen since hmm well about 198 days- not since Covid started. Hard to believe we are almost at 200 days since lock down begun. 1000 deaths per day for 200 days and no end in sight. Cheery thoughts on a gorgeous fall day.

I meant to draw some people in this sketch but of course they hopped in their go cart and zipped off down the beach about the time I sat down to draw this scene. Oops.

Hope I didn’t share this already. My granddaughter and I got out at the crack of dawn to take this pic. Did u know the birds start flying away from their roost almost the minute dawn strikes. It was like 3 2 1 liftoff dawn is here. And off they sailed. Next time I will have my good camera and get out there 15 min earlier. 😩😩😩

Margaret xoxoxo

6 thoughts on “Day 198 One more down Edisto Way

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Retired school teacher w a monthly retirement check. Paid for house and social security check makes it enough. I don’t spend a lot of $$ on other things except organic food. Workaholic. Hmm not really. Manic streaks more likely. 😂


  1. houseoftheredmugm says:

    Thank you for these insights. My style and mediums are very eclectic and practice reusable so I am desperate to understand the process like your own. You have allowed me a glimmer at least into this psyche sort of will resemble this new man in my life I hope to be able to reach a place of comfort with. The antagonisms are real like a religion can be. I enjoy your posts now for awhile and through this pandemic effecting every corner .


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Try one Vlad s paintalong. A crazy wild learning experience. He’s such a sharing teacher. And I am sure u like everyone else has a few tubes of watercolor paint lying around and some paper and brushes. He even uses oil -singing brushes. That’s a first.


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