Day 136 Giverny

Pronouncing this one done. I added lines to the sidewalk and stone effect. A few whites with Gouache. More reds on the taillights for sparkle. More black lines. Adding details here and there to improve contrast.

1/4 sheet Fabriano rough press. Lucas wc paint which I think gives a cloudy effect.

Last time. Can you tell the difference???

I am told this looks just like Giverny. When we were in France we didn’t go because it was closed. Closes in Nov I think.

But we went to Auvers where Van Gogh painted his last 6 months and finally died. It still looks just like it did when he lived there.

Do you know if you had gone to Van Gogh funeral you could have taken home one of his paintings.

I painted this during a five hour long class with Vlad on drawing cars which I draw a lot and people ditto that. He always brings something new and fresh to the table that you have never thought of.

Margaret xoxoxo tucking into my Ina Garten Bianca pizza.

Day 101 tv Henry

Tv time. Always the easiest time to draw Henry. I think I forgot to finish his feet. Thought he would put his feet back in position but never did.

Sad he’s growing up. Eight in a few weeks. When did that happen?!

Does it count as urban sketching since the neighbors house is in the window?!

Lamy Ef, noodler eelskin Ink, stillman and birn Alpha.

Margaret packing up for home. Xoxoxox

Day 36 entertainment never

Stops around here. Took another class with Vlad. Maybe I will like this better tomorrow.

Vlads. Better pic on Fb tomorrow.

For some reason I seem determined to cross every t and dot every eye though I have known from freshman art that’s a no no.

My value study.

Loved his explanations that surround it.

    Use the biggest brush you can.
    Heads are on the horizon line.
    Start drawing and painting in the middle.
    We are not cameras. We don’t see everything. We focus on what we think is important.
    Give an accident a chance.
    Use your eraser too much you are an illustrator.
  • First sketch. I had to eliminate quite a few things.
  • First wash now that it’s been thinned out.
  • Coming along. is Vlads.
  • Margaret who need a nap now or to go to bed.
  • Day 33 Never

    Eat a large chocolate bar. It will keep you up most of the night. But oh was it good.

    I took another photo of The Farm using my Ott light to light it up. Much more accurate photo. Can’t wait til Saturday for the next class.

    Drawing with Koosje. A corner of the living room really my den.

    Lamy Stillman and Birn Alpha.

    We drew masks with Danny at noon. Now we have to pick one out and make a paper bag mask.

    I had to write down what I thought they were saying. That was fun. Can you find the Covid monster?! Lamy Safari Stillman and Birn Alpha. Only five spreads left but I got a new one from Amazon. Hurrah.

    Sweet Ilaina. Missing my painting peeps.

    Digging around for my 140 # rough press Fabriano I found this. Always liked it. Still have the photo to finish it. Full sheet on Waterman cold press I think.

    Got some decent pics of the Downy that hit the window this am. So pretty.

    Not sure what he is but cute. A sparrow?! Where’s the bird book?!

    Loves this female cardinal on the thistle feeder. Adoreable.

    Distancing in SC

    Margaret ready for bed despite my excellent afternoon nap while watching Mary Berry at Highclere Castle on YouTube. Zzzz


    Margaret xoxoxo

    Day 21

    Sketchbookskool drawing party. Draw a dollar Bill. Crumple it up. Hope for no breeze no fan stirring it and draw. First a bold thick pen for the outline and finer pens inside. I used a Lamy Safari and a Lamy Ef. Half the time the Lamy was upside down.

    Then you draw till you are satisfied. I journaled all over the page writing over and over the same page with a soft pencil til you couldn’t read it. Always makes a lot of texture.

    Painted with burnt sienna Andrews turquoise cad yellow for the green. Burnt sienna background. Add a favorite quote or two. This was one of Andrew Cuomos dads favorites. Evidently he liked anything by Churchill.

    The Sketchbookskool Instagram drawing party. Didn’t draw it live but one day I will get up early enough to do it at 8 am😵😵. Draw your coffee mug and paint it with your leftover coffee. Fun and much easier to do than that darn dollar bill.

    The mask filter

    In the throws of mask making. All the parts assembled. Just a few seams left and I will have enough masks to cover all my kids nose and the grandkids.

    This is the brand and type I used for the mask filter.

    Four done and almost 17 finished. Filters ready to go into the cotton mask.

    Two seams each and done. Hurrah.

    Margaret Tahred. Haven’t knitted a stitch all week. Xoxoxox


    Or perhaps nearing completion. Having fun doing these tiny journal pages which incidentally seem to take as long as an 8×10″ spread.

    Watercolor pencils pitt pen Lamy pen Ef and safari

    Margaret done for the night xoxoxo

    It’s Saturday

    Emily 15×22″ cold press Fluid paper


    At forty minutes in

    Second break

    And when I quit today.

    Used my Charles Reid palette colors.

    Dr Bill who was too my right.

    Dr Fred who was sitting in front of Dr Bill

    Coach Larry who was behind me.

    Drew who was to my left

    Al Beyer who does a great back!

    That’s a wrap. Off to another movie

    Xoxoxox Margaret

    A good sketch

    To start was helpful. The painting is about 16×20 coldpress fluid 140# paper.

    The sketch at the first break with just a little color added. My biggest problem was as Charles Reid said “NEVER draw a head smaller than four inches.” It makes it too hard to paint the features. Oh well being annoyed with our painting short comings keeps us coming back to try again.

    Bill Daniels small oil

    Al Beyer sorry about the bad light

    Drew Murphy – old Holland acrylic. Looks a lot like an oil.

    And Dr Freds large acrylic. His are always just fun and whimsical. Everyone else fled before I thought to take photos. Oops.

    Margaret who really needs to get her presents wrapped but first a long nap. Three hours sleep is NOT enough. 😴😴😴😴

    Capturing friends

    Rich Klein listening to Joe Kameen talk at USC Aiken. I am sure one day I will look back thru my sketchbooks and say I remember him. He’s the guy who started buying Lamy pens!! Aka he fell down the rabbit hole with the rest of us. Prof Rich can frequently be seen leaning on his chin while he listens intently or hmm maybe he day dreams. You can follow him at richkleinvisions on instagram. Inside his head might be quite interesting if his art work is any indication.

    Lamy EF Noodlers Eelskin Ink handprint journal.

    And yes he will get painted if I ever quit knitting. Christmas stocking half done. Did I post this?! For youngest grandson. Down to the heel now so on the downhill run.

    Margaret whose glad the icy cold rain has stopped. Xoxoxox


    Was a naughty girl and had to stay after school.

    Couldn’t be me could it?!

    The very bad sketch. What’s with the hands and that shoe??!

    At the end of the portrait session. Was thinking about future mulch pile for her but after looking at her a while and talking to Ruth abt her after I got home I realized some of the problems Ruth was having at life modeling where causing my problems.

    Tomorrow I will lift some highlights out and work on her braids some more.

    Tape and Mr Clean are my friends once Naomi is dry.

    Margaret off to bed soon. Gotta draw some talking heads manana.