Day 1873 Train Wreck?!

One of the reasons I do this blog is to show that NOBODY has a successful artwork everytime. We all mess up and that’s ok. Turn the paper over and draw nudder one as my granddaughter says.

This may be today’s train wreck. Not quite the glowing water tower I had in mind. Might help if I darken the sky. I dunno. Also cropping it one way or the other would help.

Or this? I also forgot to use my magic red wc pencil on it. That might help. I did use my white gel pen on it.

The drawing

Pass number one. I did have fun playing w the trees but crashed and burned on the sky wash.

Layer of burnt sienna cerulean and alizarin on the trees. Cerulean sky.

More of the same colors on the trees. Layer after layer.

I wet the sky to dab out some clouds with a Kleenex

Clouds dabbed our. More Cerulean burnt sienna and Quin gold on the tower. Same thing on trees.

BS Cerulean in clouds and tower. Used a flat to make the rust streaks on the tower. Oh and I drew in some branches painted the tower legs.

Tree got too dark. So did the tower. I know dab the tree off w water and a Kleenex. 😂

Good podcast! Internationally known watercolorist Joseph Zbukvic talks about “traps” artists can fall into, how various countries handle art and education, and much more, in this week’s PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads.

lGood review is Silver black velvet brushes on YouTube.

They are a less expensive but still great alternative to kolinsky sable brushes will love these. I get them on Amazon.

Margaret off to book club whose tossing the water tower. Xoxoxo

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