Day 1851 A Rusty Derelict

13th and Ellis -9″x12″cp fluid

An old crusty building from the corner of 13th and Ellis downtown Augusta. Something about this glowing in the afternoon light old building speaks to me.

It narrowly escaped a fire next door in the adjoining now ripped down building a few years ago.

I often think the back streets and the wrong side of Broad Street the side with NO shops or big stores are so much more interesting than the desirable shop side. The facades are still old Victorian and Art Deco styles. Businesses don’t waste $$$ updating them.

But I digress. Sunlite bathing a building always adds appeal to me. It’s screams draw me.

Here it is with NO sun. HOW unappealing. At least to me. Anyone else feel the same way?!

It’s like why even get out of the house on a grey day to make art?!!!

Oh I discovered a few more videos last nite about using Brusho. OMG I NEEDS.

Ward Jene Stroud makes gorgeous animal paintings with Brusho. Little bits of brilliant color he blows on to wet wc paper creating lovely dots of color.

I had wondered how they are done. He teaches at Cheap Joes if you want to take a class but not til 2020.

Margaret who is refusing to get sick. Hope you are not. Xoxoxox

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Day 1850 BUSY BUSY 😲

Got up at 6:30 after tossing and turning all night which means NO sleep. Why did I eat those chocolate chip cookies last nite. Always wake me up at 4 am.

Started this one today. It’s small 9×12 but really like the birds. Combined three snap shots of my back porch birds to do this one. I will probably add ink and some words. And some white gel pen to the eyes.

I painted this w four colors. Well five. No six!!

Birds- Cad red light and alizarin legs shadows – burnt sienna cerulean and ultramarine. Black -ultramarine and burnt umber. Background – burnt sienna cerulean

Of course I was in Aiken when I painted this. Which means a sixty mile round trip.

The Wilcox Inn

I took Aiken pics for the show to do some paintings in the next week.

Aiken Museum

Aiken Museum

Aiken Museum

Deadline approaching. Tic tock. EEEKKK

Ran downtown to the framer to drop off a few more paintings. Gave them their chocolate chip cookies I baked for them. Yes the ones that kept me up all night. And I only ate a few. 😱 Sold this one. Delivered to the new delighted owner. Bought a couple of salads. Ran to TWO post offices because I forgot to mail a package when I was downtown. Oh and some Dummy left a stamp off her mail so it was returned when I opened the mail box at home. Oopsey. Off to the post office again. Sigh.

Collapsed on the sofa nappwd and been watching watercolor YouTube videos. LOVE watching my buddy Joe Miller is Cheap Joes fame stretch watercolor paper.

He’s such a sweetheart. Got to go to Boone to see him.

Then I watched a couple of really interesting American Watercolor Society Videos. Joe Popodics His website and Andy Evanson His website. Oh and one by an Irish guy Grahame Booth. Love his accent.

Margaret ready to Go To BEd! Xoxoxoxo

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