Day 1841 Downtown lowdown

I think there’s a Facebook page for that.

Where I park my car when I get my hair cut downtown at the sixth hundred block of broad parking.

I. M. Pie the architect designed that weird temple triangle skylight covered addition on top of the tallest building the Lamar building I think.

Always like how the morning light hits the buildings and makes them glow.

Off to see the Mule with Clint Eastwood filmed here in Aigusta and also in my sons neighborhood in Decatur. His next door neighbor was the chicken wrangler for the movie. Aka he kept the chickens when they weren’t on set. He has a backyard full of wonderfully fluffy clucks.

Colors used – see above Watercolor pencils. Lamy Vista Noodler Eelskin Black stillman and birn alpha – almost full!!

Margaret xoxoxo where it will be 70 again today.

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Day 1840 Clean Up! 🧹 🧼 🧽

Another drawing with people standing and sitting Aron d that I love. Just a few lines but they capture the people. Colored with faber castell Watercolor pencils. Lamy EF Noodler Eelskin Black stillman and Birn alpha almost full.

Thinking about putting the ladies on the right sitting at the table at Betsy’s yesterday that was empty.

Or maybe they would prefer one of the restaurants on Laurens with sunny tables?!

A good use for sketchbook drawings in finished art I think.

Why doesn’t Augusta have all these restaurants with sidewalk dining. Or maybe they aren’t all so close together?!

If it’s a reasonably warm sunny day I always chose outside tables.

Thought you might like to see what I did with that Christmas page. Always a sad day when you clean out the last of Christmas at least to me.

I journaled about Christmas under Henry’s bookmark that he made for me.

Fun adding the fold out pages. I will add washi tape to the bookmark when I dig it out.

I did the same thing with the sketch that Livie gave me on my Christmas stocking. It’s on the left side. And folds out too. This time so you can see her collaged pages. She will get washi tape too. Livie loves washi tape.

Margaret xoxoxo sad to see Christmas go. Knitters at EarthFare Malias #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #georgia #allaprima #neocolorii #carandache #stillmanandbirn #artist #painter #aquarelle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylechange #drawing #sketching #charlesreid #urbansketcher #urbansketchingaugusta #urbansketching #mixedmediajournal