Day 1871 – Blue Heaven!

YUPO which is a kind of plastic so everything floats around on top of it. The paint does not bind to it. Who knows what it will look like when it’s dry. The paints drying on the kitchen table which means it’s moving around.

Drawn w a red inktense pencil.

However the white spot on right was probably caused by oil from my hands or hand lotion. I can wipe it down with alcohol to remove it but too late now.

The inktense pencil also seemed to form a bit of a resist.

A good crop will take care of it.

I slathered on cad red and alizarin in the comb. Bits of ultramarine and mineral violet for darks.

Opera pink around the eye. Eye is burnt sienna and quin gold. Pupil ultramarine and burnt umber.

Before highlights were lifted.

I lifted the highlights out w a clean damp paintbrush and a Kleenex non lotion kind.

Highlights lifted and a few small feathers around the beak

Feathers ultramarine Prussian Blue Burnt umber viridian.

Tail Feathers viridian ultramarine.

Beak cad yellow light burnt sienna and yellow ochre.

Background cad yw light cad yw deep peacock cad red lt splatters

Blue Heaven Rooster. Key West

So far. He will no doubt change as the background dries.

Margaret starting some new socks. Xoxoxo

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Day 1870 A Stretch

Painting Macy is always a challenge because she’s SOOO long at 5 10 1/2 with long feet and hands. Did I say she’s known to quip she would fall over if she had small ones.

First break

The pose was a challenge with her long legs made even longer by the foreshortened pose.

a bit more drawing. I decided to shorten her feet a bit. They can get so huge if they are draw. Accurately. And I skimmed her legs a bit. Been having so much fun with the Canson watercolor board that I decided to use it this am. Get tired of stretching taping a large sheet on my foam core board especially at 8 am. So Canson was the paper of the day.

I also forgot to bring my mechanical pencil and started using a Derwent ebony. I thought it would be soft and dark. I was wrong. It was a hard pencil that did a dark line. A rare find. Second break. Macy’s also very pale. As Drew quips bring your white paint Macy is the model.

Still have to do some kind of background. Al Beyer first breakAl finished Drew Murphy first break. The is is fast. 2×3′

Drew Murphy finished.

Fred Baker first break and finished. I painted thru second break.

Amy Lockhard Ness oilLee Conte crayon Bill Daniels oil on metal Eve Charcoal

Rich KleinTom Needham Watercolor also on canson watercolor board.

Margaret done for the day xoxoxo

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