Day 1854 It’s Saturday!!

Even if it’s really Sunday. 🤗

Macy 15×22 hot press fluid.

I still think she looks too old. Macy is only 21. A mere babe. First break. That forward leg was giving me a fit. The hand and foot were both extremely long due to foreshortening. and it made her head look small. This is the drawing I finally went with because I wanted to paint. I lightened it with an eraser. second break. I should have started with the face instead of leaving it til last. How I left her yesterday. I had to peel the tape off on the left to get her foot long enough.

The shadows on her face and the heavy eye brow made her look older than she is. Always a problem when you get heavy handed with the shadows.

So this morning I decided to blot her face with a damp Kleenex and lighten the shadows. Didn’t expect much but it worked. Now she’s only five years too old.

I darkened the background with bits of burnt sienna cerulean cobalt teal alizarin and viridian. By then I was just playing to see what effect I could get with little spots all over

Also darkened the lower fingers a bit of shadow on the foot made an eye bigger and darkened her hair.

Quitting for now.

Drew Murphy acrylic second break.


Eve. Charcoal

Tom Needham small watercolor 8×10

Al Beyer first break oil


Looks just like Macy. Sorry abt the shine on it.

Fred 2×3′ acrylic. Finished for the day. Always makes me smile. I bet he pints over it. Usually does.

My friend Ruth Pearls lovely pastels that she did Thursday in Chattanooga. You can follow her @britpeach on instagram.

And that’s a wrap kids. Everybody else rushed off before I got a chance to take pics.

Margaret xoxoxo

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