Day 1836 Lo and Behold…

Right now Mona is my number one choice to enter in the Georgia Watercolor Show.

My Kehinde Wiley. He’s the guy who paints large oil portraits with fantastic figures backgrounds – Fields of Flowers etc. A good example of his work is the controversial Obama presidential portrait.

Mona last August

She’s also been waiting for a background since hmm since August!!

First wash of quin gold over all the flowers.

I didn’t use any masking fluid which a lot of people would have done. I just hate bothering with it.

This was how I left Mona last night. Three layers of quin gold hookers green and a dab of burnt sienna mix.

I debated with my friend Ruth Pearl about adding a wash of peacock Blue all over the background. It’s transparent so wouldn’t darken it a lot but add color to the oh so bright flowers.

I also had a scraggly edge problem which would not be good if I were the judge.

I used my flat synthetic Robert Simmons Sapphire brush to lift the edge. Lol and behold it started lifting very well. Gotta love fluid cold press paper. I realized I could spread the lifted green gold to color the flowers and make them recede a bit.

And that’s how I got here.

Margaret who needs to clean up the mess she made but first I better do my entry right?! Xoxoxo

Day 1835 On Deadline

Been painting backgrounds all day. I think Sams done. Well at least til tomorrow. I reserve the right to change my mind.

I have to enter something in the Georgia Watercolor Show and she’s looking like the one. Annie Jefferson 15×22″

Though if I can enter two this one is next. Really like her background better.

Both backgrounds are done the same way. Make puddles of yellow red green and blue. Paint the background. Let dry.

Repeat. Add some violet and burnt sienna.

Final layer had mineral violet cerulean and cobalt teal because they are opaque and will not play well on bottom layers.

Margaret off to shower xoxoxox