Day 1874 My nemesis?!

Porkchop Tower II 9×12

One more go at the water tower. I redrew it this am. It looks better BUT sky wash is NOT what I wanted.

Hmm maybe this will be a series. Try another sky tomorrow?!

So other things to try.

Lay it down at a slight angle instead of almost a 90 degree angle when I paint the sky.

Also ink the holes in the ironwork legs after I paint the sky color in.

Maybe a quin gold sky?!

Leave more white so I don’t need gouache.

No gouache

Only paint that was different today was I used white gouache. ALOT OF it.

Number 3. It IS a series!!

Margaret who has a headache and is quitting for the day cause she can’t paint. Blaming the headache. Xoxoxo

Porkchops Tower II. MORE Crusty Rust in downtown Augusta or is it vintage!? 13th & Ellis St #ink #watercolor #art #painting #artist #painter #aquarelle #georgia #artist #charlesreid #urbansketcher #urbansketchingaugusta #urbansketching #usk #globalsketchers

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