Day 1872 A quickie

Drew this Augusta Icon when I was downtown picking up some of my framed paintings at Art on Broad.

The old Whites water tower was gleaming in the midday sun glowing against the bright blue winter sky.

I know I should get up and go paint it. Wouldn’t take long since it’s small. 9×12″ cp fluid paper.

Twisbee pen Dartrementis document brown ink

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I got three of the small fluid blocks to do urban sketches on with my gift certificates. Light weight so highly portable. Always dries flat. Three to always have one blank. Thanks

I have one of the stuff backed fluid sketchbooks but it was so heavy my arm got tired before I was done sketching that’s why I think these are a great alternative.

On the news front two of my paintings were juried into a February March show at the Atlanta Artist Center.

The Goodys Kodak Center

The Little Professor

The Little Professor is a painting of my dad when he was three. My grandmother used to dress him up and have him answer questions from her friends to entertain them.

Margaret who must have been nuts to sign up for a 9am class in Aiken. Xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Day 1872 A quickie

  1. Keith A. Wadley says:

    The Little Professor is a great piece. I love his pants a d the sidewalk. His face is so well done too. You really captured the jovial nature those q and a sessions must have been. Great work!

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